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Our Team

Keith Stevenson
Keith brings a wealth of experience from a career in engineering, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries and lives and breaths the organisations values. Keith applies extensive best practice experience to help organisations deliver winning strategies, manage change and lean application that results in real benefits and value .

Keith holds the University of Cambridge International Diploma in Management and Further and Adult Teachers Certificate

David Skipsey
David is a training & development specialist with over 30 years experience delivering training, coaching and consultancy to a wide range of client across the private, public and charity sectors.
Most of his work has been in areas of management and leadership, business skills and change management.
David has worked at all levels of organisations from shop floor operators through to top executives.
David has a large presence and is noted for his infectious enthusiasm which he brings to is training.

David holds a BA (Hons) and a MBA (Newcastle University)

Barry Stevenson
Barry is an experienced manager having held director positions within facilities management and manufacturing. Barry brings a customer driven ethic and has delivered major capital initiatives product integration/divestment, factory relocation/close down and start up.
Barry is a strong team player whose style of management is delivered through the effective application of the team management philosophy.

Barry holds a BSc in Business Management and a professional member of INSEAD

Michael Bealey
Michael has been involved in management, team and personal development since 1996. His expertise, professionalism and genuine passion for his work guarantees the successful and effective delivery of team events and experiential learning activities through his business ORB Events. Working closely with KSA and our clients Michael is part of a friendly and engaging delivery team.

Michael is also the proprietor of virtualquestionnaire.co.uk helping KSA design and administer questionnaires and surveys through on line software applications. Michael’s bespoke service fits perfectly with KSA’s client focused approach.