About Us

Based out of the North East of England with a mission to ‘exceed our client & Stakeholder expectations and achieve excellence’ KSA is a RoATP, ROTO and Ofsted registered provider of national apprenticeship training.

KSA offer apprenticeship training with a real focus on return on investment, value adding and client satisfaction.

Here at KSA we understand that not all businesses are same, especially since the arrival of Covid-19 and the difficulties it brings. With this in mind we do not deliver ‘off the shelf apprenticeships’, we prefer to offer a personal service to match our clients needs.

KSA will work with your development team to develop & design a bespoke apprenticeship programme that focuses on tackling real issues within your business. We will ensure that any programme aligns to client strategies as well as offering the flexibility needed to fit in with your current day to day demands.

This approach sees our current client rating on the Find apprenticeship training website stand at 100% excellent, with our key strengths being identified as ‘Adapting to my needs’ ‘Communication with employers’ and ‘Improving apprentice skills’.

We have also seen further praise from Ofsted, with the following comments being extracted directly from our last report published 11/03/2020.

‘Leaders and managers have a clear vision and strategy for the programmes that they offer. They work with the employer closely to plan and deliver the curriculum to meet its workforce development needs. Apprentices develop significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours as a result of their studies. They learn the theory of improvement techniques and apply it to real work projects that have tangible business benefits.’

‘Staff plan and deliver the curriculum so that apprentices develop and apply their theory knowledge to challenging work-based projects. The employer is closely involved in identifying projects that are matched well to apprentices’ job responsibilities and their business needs.’ Our Ofsted report can be seen in full here.

All of our apprenticeship services include:

  • Training and organisational needs analysis
  • Bespoke training and development aligned to client strategic aims
  • Dedicated apprenticeship account managers
  • Leadership development
  • Employee Engagement focus
  • Analysis of return on investment in training and development
  • Team building events designed around client ethos

Our specialist team have a history of developing and delivering apprenticeships to levy paying organisations. We focus on tackling real world issues using defined methodologies that lead to improved business performance as well as helping employees realise their full potential.

KSA uses a practical, learn by doing approach to deliver measurable results, whilst providing ‘Best Practice ’understanding.

Our philosophy is around engaging employees in your business and we believe that when this philosophy is truly embraced an organisation will achieve results totally beyond expectations.

Our 5 star promise is at the heart of everything we do. Its purpose is to build sustainable and mutually rewarding business relationships with our clients. The promise is a reflection of what our clients have told us that they like about us.

  • KSA will develop a genuine passion for your organisation and working with your people
  • KSA will work with you to deliver real change in your organisation and in the way that your people behave at work
  • KSA will fit in with the way you work being flexible at all times
  • KSA will use plain practical language
  • KSA will maintain absolute client confidentiality.